Consumer Protection Tips

Grand Bank would like to encourage you to visit the FDIC Consumer Protection Site for important information on protecting yourself from Cyber Threats, Identity Theft and other Frauds & Scams

Visa Check Card Alert

Debit Card fraud continues to be a growing and serious issue. Despite existing security measures cards are being compromised at an alarming rate. Grand Bank strongly encourages you to review your account daily for unauthorized transactions and contact us immediately in the event that unauthorized transactions are discovered.

Please be aware that Grand Bank continually monitors for fraudulent activity by region and blocks certain signature based transactions in areas where fraud has been reported. This list currently includes, but is not limited to the following states:

Arizona, California, Illinois, Florida, Pennsylvania, Texas, New York and North Carolina

Additionally most International Transactions, with the exception of on-site PIN Based Transactions have been blocked.

If you discover fraudulent transactions or have questions pertaining to your Visa Check Card please contact us during regular business hours at (918) 491-9700 or toll free at (866) 865-3300.

For compromised, lost or stolen cards discovered after normal business hours please call (800) 791-2525 immediately.